You’ve heard of VUCA, right? For those who haven’t – and because acronyms are always annoying – it stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Originally a military term, it was adopted by business leaders in the 1990s when all four conditions prevailed. It’s resurfacing now for exactly the same reason: the volatile political climate in so much of the world signals a time of rapid change.

As human beings we crave the very opposite of VUCA: predictability, certainty, simplicity and clarity. We want these conditions not just for ourselves but for our businesses too; they are the conditions in which markets thrive and which enable businesses to prosper and grow.


So if its stability that’s required, why have we changed our Lingo web site to feature mostly blogs? Mainly because:

  • As our overarching blog heading says, marketing in an unpredictable world takes insight. What better place for insight central than right here, right now?
  • It seems to us that a web site which tells you who we are and what we do is no longer relevant. Now more than ever, communication is not about us – it’s all about you.
  • In communication terms, so much of what’s happening in the world today is bizarre. This article in The New York Times is just one of many examples of the new communication reality, a reality that we can help you navigate.
  • Equally changeable is the media landscape; it looks different almost every day. We aim to help you make intelligent decisions about where – and how – you should be focusing.
  • And finally, we’ve changed our web site to create a space where we can champion the predictability, certainty, simplicity and clarity that your business markets crave.

Communicating well

We presume you know the value of good communication and how doing it well can serve your business goals. Let’s just clarify what we mean by communicating well: credibly, regularly and consistently getting your considered messages to your considered audience/s. “Considered” is the operative word.

If, like us, your objectives are prosperity and growth, you really need to know what you’re doing if you aim to reach audiences that you’d like to turn into customers. It takes more consideration today than it ever has before, hence this space.

What to expect

So, what will you find here? Ultimately it will become a comprehensive knowledge base on a wide range of communication- and marketing-related subjects and themes. We want to keep you up to date on trends and help you interpret them. We want to show you how to deliver the opposite of VUCA to your clients. And sometimes we just want to think aloud, and provide you with a space in which to do the same.

Blogs are researched and written by members of the Lingo team and sometimes by guest writers. The latter may be experts in their fields or expert communicators who can bring the necessary perspective to a subject that is too close to our own hearts, such as case studies of existing clients.

You’re invited

We invite you to join the discussion, give us fresh insights, share your experiences and, most especially, give us your feedback, whether good or bad. The last thing we want is for this space to become an echo chamber – isn’t that precisely why VUCA has resurfaced?