We’ve all been in that state of flux: a maxed out work load and looming marketing deadline with insufficient resources to get the job done. You need help! Whether an indispensable member of the team has let you down or gone on maternity leave or you simply don’t have the in-house expertise to manage the project yourself, you need someone to take care of your changing marketing needs.

Luckily marketing is a function that’s easy to outsource. A good agency will be able to parachute a team in to your business to deliver a specific strategy, event, campaign or even manage your marketing and communication needs on an ongoing basis.

Why outsourcing works
By hiring an agency you immediately eliminate the cost of employing and training skilled marketing staff, including salary and benefits. A marketing agency also offers senior-level marketing consultants to develop the strategy, with lower cost implementers to ensure the job gets done. And it goes without saying that all members of the team stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies. In addition,

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