We’ve all been in that state of flux: a maxed out work load and loom­ing mar­ket­ing dead­line with insuf­fi­cient resources to get the job done. You need help! Whether an indis­pens­able mem­ber of the team has let you down or gone on mater­ni­ty leave or you sim­ply don’t have the in-house exper­tise to man­age the project your­self, you need some­one to take care of your chang­ing mar­ket­ing needs.

Luckily mar­ket­ing is a func­tion that’s easy to out­source. A good agency will be able to para­chute a team in to your busi­ness to deliv­er a spe­cif­ic strat­e­gy, event, cam­paign or even man­age your mar­ket­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tion needs on an ongo­ing basis.

Why out­sourc­ing works
By hir­ing an agency you imme­di­ate­ly elim­i­nate the cost of employ­ing and train­ing skilled mar­ket­ing staff, includ­ing salary and ben­e­fits. A mar­ket­ing agency also offers senior-lev­el mar­ket­ing con­sul­tants to devel­op the strat­e­gy, with low­er cost imple­menters to ensure the job gets done. And it goes with­out say­ing that all mem­bers of the team stay abreast of the lat­est trends and tech­nolo­gies. In addi­tion,

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