Is Maimane leaving politics with SiSebenza move? No, he says he’ll be on the ballot in 2024

One SA Movement leader Mmusi Maimane has cleared the air over his decision to join lobby organisation SiSebenza, saying he is not leaving politics.

Is Maimane leaving politics with SiSebenza move? No, he says he’ll be on the ballot in 2024

Maimane joined SiSebenza as a partner and shareholder. The organisation lobbies large global organisations to fund social and economic development on the African continent.

SiSebenza described Maimane as an “Africa changemaker who has spent most of his life being a reformer and activist in religious, social and political environments”.

Speaking on 702 about the new venture, Maimane said it would enable him to help create work and lift the country’s GDP through innovative and disruptive business partnerships.

“I’m not leaving politics. I’m just adding an arsenal to my bow. You’ll certainly see me on the ballot, a Maimane who has more of an arsenal. Not only academically and business-wise but equally so politically,” he said.

Maimane said he is committed to the country and continent, and sees SiSebenza as part of the work of advancing development in Africa.

“I want to demonstrate to people that given my history, my understanding of how different governments work and the intersect between development and the state of governance in many African states, at SiSebenza we want to make sure that ultimately we can deliver value for people,” he said.

Over the past few weeks, Maimane has been vocal about the country’s education system, calling for the bar to be raised.

According to Maimane, the current pass mark hurts pupils, the education system and the economy in the long run.

Maimane called on basic education minister Angie Motshekga to increase the matric pass mark to 50%.

“We must equip our young people to compete and win in the global economy. They can with quality education. This begins by upping the matric pass mark.”

Published on Times Live