When experiences do harm – the truth about bias

Last week was a rough one for online retail.

When experiences do harm the truth about bias

The mistake Clicks made (https://memeburn.com/2020/09/clicks-hair-ad-saga-continues-as-ceo-tresemme-apologise/), the hurt it caused and the severe consequences the company faces has left the local marketing, and platform, world relatively rattled. While the reactions of the public ranged from “How can you not see how wrong this is?” to “What’s the big deal?” it has certainly been a cause for introspection.

We have seen many brands put out irresponsible messaging and campaigns over the past year. But what is becoming clear is that our audience and users won’t stand for it, and rightfully so. Every customer has the power to spread their message and feelings to thousands of other people through social media; and as content and experience creators, it’s time we recognise our responsibility and acknowledge that we can get things wrong … very wrong…

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